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Aerial Imagery and Inspections

Providing captivating footage from all angles!

Services Offered

Insurance Inspections

 Using drones to gather photos, video, and data about a property is a big leap in the technology behind older processes, but insurers were already doing something similar before with adjusters climbing on ladders and roofs with a digital camera in hand. 

Real Estate

Aerial imagery in real estate give potential buyers a better perspective of the property they are considering.

Tower Inspections

Higher-resolution visual inspections than ground-based inspections

  • Greatly reduce man hours and costs by automating inspections
  • Safely assess the condition and orientation of all components of cell towers
  • Inspections done from a safe distance
  • Towers remain functional during inspection
  • Increase efficiency due to data accuracy and reliability, live streaming and zoom/thermal/4k capabilities


As you can clearly see, in 4k, using aerial footage in marketing can be an advantage over other types of media.

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